Ancient Egypt

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13 Responses to Ancient Egypt

  1. ghaas says:

    I know there are at least 3 pyramids in Egypt

  2. erene says:

    I know the tomb are very big because I saw a real tomb in Egypt

  3. turna says:

    1.Paraohs are at the top of the civil pyramid

  4. wereg says:

    the pharaoh couldn’t do anything without the vizier

  5. surml says:

    1. most people live next to the Nile river

  6. simpf says:

    I know that it is a very hot country and its a boiling hot country.

  7. ilios says:

    I know that the pyramids are very big.

  8. clarh says:

    Eygypt was one of the first early civilisations

  9. ohiga says:

    I learnt that River Nile is the biggest river in Egypt.

  10. erene says:

    EGYPT is a hot country because it has sandstorms

  11. shahr says:

    The River Nile flows all the way through Egypt and it helps the crops grow

  12. zakie says:

    I know the tombs where made for very important people and that cats and mummies where mummified.
    We also learnt that the River Nile runs down from the top of Cairo down to the bottom of The Valley Of The Queens

  13. duarj says:

    the pharaoh can be the most powerful person

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